Trading Without Trade-Offs

Zero front-running. Zero gas trades. Zero slippage. Zero PFOF. Zero internalization. Zero fine print.

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    Confidentiality from order to execution.

    Current exchanges allow counterparties to act on privileged information (e.g. MEV, PFOF, order internalization). In Deepwaters, order flow is both confidential and immutable until it reaches our public order book. Even the platform itself cannot see or act on privileged order flow information.

  • Fair & equal treatment for all trades. Proven by you.

    Trades are processed on a cryptographically secure off-chain hardware layer and invisible to everyone, including Deepwaters, until they are posted to the orderbook. All operations are validated in real time, and anyone can audit Deepwaters to confirm that all trades are performed without bias, privilege, or prejudice.

  • The best of both worlds, without compromise.

    Deepwaters provides the trustlessness and custody protection of decentralized exchanges with the speed, efficiency, and low fees of centralized exchanges.

Exchange ComparisonCEXDEX
Zero Gas Trading
Zero Slippage
Zero Front-Running
Zero Payment for Order Flow (?)
Zero Internalization (?)
Zero Rehypothecation (?)
Zero Data Bleed (?)
100% Price Improvement (?)
Fully Transparent
Real-Time Auditing
Self Custody


  • Open Source Ruleset

    See under the hood. All trading and custody rules are published for everyone to see. You can know we treat you fairly because we’re completely transparent with how we treat your assets.

  • Superior Execution

    Tired of only getting filled when the market is moving against you? The architecture of the Deepwaters platform eliminates adverse selection, putting everyone on a level playing field.

  • Cross-chain Exposure Token

    ZRB is fully collateralized by a diversified basket of high-quality “blue-chip” crypto assets. All the benefits of holding a stakeable, liquid crypto asset with no fees and zero-cost rebalancing.

  • Guardian Layer

    Secure your trades with order flow encryption that prevents MEV, front-running, and any privileged counterparties from having an unfair advantage. No one can see your trades nor act on them (including Deepwaters itself!) until they hit the public order book.

  • Liquidity Without Predation

    Market makers play an essential role in ensuring liquid markets. On Deepwaters, we ensure they play by the same rules as everyone else.

  • Governance

    The WTR token provides holders with the ability to govern system parameters and ongoing development, including the composition of ZRB. Stake your WTR to unlock additional Deepwaters Elements functionality.


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