Fair execution without adverse selection. No slippage. No MEV.

Table of Contents

    • Fair execution without adverse selection. No slippage. No MEV.

      Ever feel like your orders only get filled when the market is moving against you? That is adverse selection, which is caused by the counterparties you are trading against having advantages in speed and information - privileges often given to them by the exchanges you are trading on. Deepwaters’ secure trading technology ensures that no party - including Deepwaters itself - can see or act on orders until they are either filled or hit the public order book. This ensures that no one has an unfair advantage over another.

      Deepwaters combines the efficiency of centralized trading with the trustlessness of decentralized trading to provide:

      1. Throughput and speed of execution expected in TradFi.

      2. Scalability to support large trades and institutions

      3. Elimination of front running by both privileged insiders and MEV-enabled traders

      4. Support for native cross-chain swaps

      5. Elimination of MEV by removing the attack vector

      6. Support for all current regulatory/compliance requirements

      Deepwaters provides tools for Market Orders, Stop-Loss Orders, and Limit Orders.

      Stop-Loss and Limit Orders function similarly to other exchanges and are settled on-chain.

    • The Fairer Orderbook

      Deepwaters ensures the immutability of the order flow. When you place an order, it gets equal priority with all other orders based solely on the sequence in which they are placed. No one can rearrange orders or act on orders before they are either executed or placed on the public order book.

      We make the market order button work. You can safely place a market order without worrying about adverse selection, front-running, or privileged counterparties changing the order book in response to seeing your order (since there are none on Deepwaters and they couldn't see your market order until it hit the books anyway).

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