The time has finally arrived! After months of building, testing, collecting feedback, and more building, we are happy to announce we are launching Deepwaters exchange on mainnet! We cannot thank our community enough for all their feedback and enthusiasm throughout the testnet program. This blog will cover everything you need to know for the launch.

Key Dates

  • Feb 14: Platform Launch

  • Feb 15-16: Token Sale

  • Feb 20: WTR available to trade


The official contract for WTR is 0xd05B010eDDB2Dc65d5Bd5a1389330D475049A4d5 and will be on Avalanche mainnet to start. Any other WTR token with a different contract is a scam. 

For those of you who participated in our testnet trading competitions, there will be a section on the platform where you can claim the WTR rewards. This function will be added shortly after TGE (Feb 20th).


Anyone who earned DELVE as part of our pre-release airdrop campaigns will be able to convert DELVE to WTR. The ratio at which you can convert DELVE to WTR will depend on the claim lockup period you choose when you convert. A full breakdown can be seen below:

DELVE to WTR conversion ratios

Beta Functionality

Trading on mainnet means real money will be involved. In order to reduce risk to you (traders), we will be launching a public Beta first and rolling out other features in the coming weeks and months.. Some of the limitations on launch include:

  • Maximum deposit size of $100000/day and $500000/month

  • Maximum withdrawal size of $100000/day and $500000/month

  • Limited trading pairs: we are starting with the five trading pairs included in our testnet along with WTR-USDC. We plan to add more in the months to follow

  • Maximum order sizes of 10,000 USDC

Platform Information

The link to Deepwaters exchange mainnet will be: This link will not be available until  8:00 GMT on Feb 14. In the meantime, you can sign up in advance to ensure you are all set to go on Day One. As a reminder, you will need to complete KYC with Fractal in order to use the mainnet platform. For those that have already been approved by Fractal, the only action item needed will be to sign a message on the Deepwaters platform to link your wallet with your Fractal ID. 

Screenshot of verifying wallet in platform

Here are some links to help for anyone who is having issues with verifying their identity:

Fractal Support Links:

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