March 17, 2023 update: The vote was held from March 13 - March 16, and the community & team vote has passed with 11 votes for, 2 against, and one abstention. We will be working with Blocksquare on the listing of BST.

Deepwaters Analyst Report: Blocksquare (BST)



  • Project Summary: Developing APIs and Solutions for the tokenization of real estate, including a protocol, white label platforms and defi bridge. 

  • Founded: 2018

  • Website: 

  • Team Size: 12

  • Stage: Operational product (v1); growth stage

  • Whitepaper - 


Table of Contents

  • At-a-Glance

    • Project

    • Token

  • Table of Contents

  • Summary

    • Project Overview

    • Market Opportunity

  • Token & Tokenomics

    • Tokenomics

  • Founders / Key Team Members

    • Additional Notable Team Members

  • Technical Development

    • Roadmap

    • Contract Audits

  • Fundraising / Financial

  • Traction / Community / Media

    • Social Media

    • Selection of News

  • Disclaimers


Blocksquare appears to be a very strong project with an impressive team. They are changing the way that the world invests in real estate. Real estate is the biggest asset class in the world. At the same time it’s also one of the most illiquid investments you can make. As a result, investors engage only in the top markets, leaving 100s of smaller markets suffering from illiquidity.

Tokenization offers the ability to match available market demand by reaching investors of any size. A solution that can increase liquidity for a wider selection of players in the commercial real estate investment space.

With reputable partners including Deloitte and CV Labs among others they are an exciting project with solid tokenomics and a strong focus on community. 

Project Overview

Blocksquare is a technology company building the required infrastructure to transfer real estate assets to the internet. Businesses of all types — from startups to large enterprises — can use Blocksquare’s solutions and APIs to digitize the value of real estate properties, launch their investment platforms and connect people to tokenized real estate deals online.

Unlike many platforms which seek to perform the tokenization of real estate themselves, Blocksquare has adopted a platform model, providing other companies with the infrastructure to tokenize real estate assets and provide tokenized real estate markets. Metaphorically speaking, they intend to be the Shopify of real estate tokenization. Blocksquare's vision is to power 100s of platforms across the globe, connecting investors to real estate opportunities in their region.

Blocksquare offers three main products:

  1. Real estate tokenization protocol

  2. White-label marketplace 

  3. DeFi bridge

Market Opportunity

According to Savills, The value of all the world’s real estate reached $326.5 trillion in 2020, a 5% increase on 2019 levels and a record high.  Growth was driven by residential which is by far the largest real estate sector, accounting for 79% of all global real estate value.  It saw its value increase by 8% over the year, to some $258.5 trillion.

The world’s most significant store of wealth, real estate is more valuable than all global equities and debt securities combined, and almost four times that of global GDP.  The value of all gold ever mined pales by comparison at $12.1 trillion, at just 4% the value of global property.

Token & Tokenomics

The Blocksquare Token BST is the governance token that serves as the basis for the Oceanpoint ecosystem. To vote on proposals posted on Snapshot, BST holders need to first deposit and stake their tokens in the Governance pool. Staking also enables BST holders to passively accumulate more BST as the protocol grows.

There are three ways to earn BST tokens:

  • Participating in Oceanpoint pools. Each listed pool is assigned a share of all BST tokens accumulated for rewards and distributed to participants proportionate to size of stake in a specific pool.

  • Providing liquidity. Liquidity Providers to the BST-ETH Uniswap pair are incentivized with BST similarly to other pools. Note: The trading pair will be incentivized only after v0.2 is launched.

  • Staking your BST. Users can deposit their tokens to the Governance pool. Staking BST enables token holders to passively accumulate more BST as the protocol grows and receive sBST to vote on proposals posted on Snapshot.

BST tokens are 'deposited' to pool participants, and held by the pool smart contract until a participant broadcasts a transaction to exit the pool, whereupon the BST is delivered to their address.

At the moment, BST can only be purchased via Uniswap. 


Team BST vesting: 24 months after launch of v0.1 (22.2.2024) Mentors BST vesting: 12 months after launch of v0.1 (22.2.2023)

The biggest chunk, 40% out of the 100M BST total supply, has been allocated for liquidity mining rewards. Although this initially set allocation to incentivise the early community could be changed through a governance vote, the distribution schedule is currently set to:

  • 1,000,000 BST / month for the initial 3 months after launch (launched on Feb 22, 2022)

  • 500,000 BST / month until the 40M BST is reached (approx. 6 years)

Rewards will initially be directed 100% to the Governance pool. Once real estate staking is introduced with v0.2, the monthly reward will be split 50/50 between Governance pool and the first Asset pool. With v0.3, when Liquidity pools are introduced, the BST:ETH liquidity pool deployed on Uniswap v2 will receive 50% of monthly BST rewards, while the Governance pool and Asset pool shall split 50/50 the remaining 50%. The split between pools shall from that point on be governed by the community through voting, however, the team encourages a split as depicted in the graphic below.

BST Buybacks: Once real estate owners start staking in the Asset pool, their real estate asset tokens i.e. BSPT become part of Oceanpoint, and after the 6 months lock-up period, Blocksquare might exercise the legal right to revenues generated by these real estate assets. BSPT tokens owned by Oceanpoint will thus accrue DAI used to buy BST on the market to be distributed to active users of Oceanpoint.

Founders / Key Team Members

Additional Notable Team Members

Technical Development


Blocksquare does not have a publicly announced roadmap however they do have a roadmap page found in their investment deck. See below:

Contract Audits

Blocksquare has 3 Audits completed by Hacken from Mar 28,2022, Jul 06,2022 and the latest from Feb 09,2023 -

Fundraising / Financial

Please note: Deepwaters does not ask projects for financial documents and relies on the statements of the projects.

Blocksquare reports that they are generating enough revenue and keeping a moderate burn rate to be able to continue operating, however, they are planning to raise capital in the upcoming months to boost market presence and accelerate growth.

Traction / Community / Media

Social Media

  • Twitter: 13,900 followers [link]

  • YouTube: 2,150 subscribers [link]

  • Telegram: 812 members [link]

  • Discord: 1,222 members [link]

Selection of News


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