dw manifesto

Deepwaters Manifesto

Decentralized finance promised to return the rewards of financial systems to the masses; this is not what it has delivered. Deepwaters intends to fulfill that original promise.

To bring this technology – and its ethos – to a broader audience, we must remove the barriers to entry and trade. There are several major obstacles that current generation DEX’s produce: slippage and front-running create inefficiencies for large traders, and high gas/platform fees make them less accessible to small traders. Liquidity becomes fragmented into pools, limiting its usefulness and increasing risk for those providing it.

There are a number of projects trying to solve one or two of these problems, but no platform solves them all - which will be necessary for DeFi to truly scale. Deepwaters is building a DEX that takes inspiration from some of the most innovative technologies in the industry, with a wholly unique foundation built on the principle of reinvesting profit back to the user, instead of extracting it from them. This will unequivocally be the most efficient decentralized exchange with the lowest platform risk, providing the basis to outcompete not only other DEX’s, but centralized exchanges and ultimately TradFi as well.

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